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motor installation services

Garage door repair in Bayport, NY is the best garage door installers and repairers and for many years we have never disappointed the Bayport residents. We are conversant and experienced in all types of garage doors and their accessories regardless of the material used, technology involved or door style. Garage door repair in Bayport has specialist in both manual and automatic door and all our services are swift and durable. Most of our repair assignments involve repair or replacement of the motor in the garage door opener. The motor, an electric device installed in the door opener, helps to power the door when opening or closing. When the motor is damaged or faulty the door will fail to open smoothly or will jam completely. If you suspect any defect with the motor it is essential to contact a technician in good time to counter the issue before the damage is transmitted to other segments of the door. If repair of a faulty motor is delayed or ignored, it may ruin the entire door and unless a new door installation is done, no other repair would correct the mess. We also sell quality and original spare motors at our residentshops near you but you also purchase the motor from our service vans any whenever you locate them. We give discount for motors purchased from our stores and installed by our technicians.