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broken spring repair

A faulty garage door may produce some strange noise, open abnormally slowly or faster or even fail to close or open. If you detect such abnormalities with your garage door it is always advisable to call a garage door profession to examine the exact problem and fix it accordingly. Faster and slower closing or closing of a garage door of even jamming of the door could be as a result of fault door opener motor in which case the best solution will be a new motor installation. However this could also be symptoms of a broken spring and it only takes the skills of a qualified and experienced technician to detect the real problem and fix it. Whenever you realize such symptoms with your garage door contact Bayport garage door repair in NY and we will connect with specialists to examine your garage door and provide quality and long lasting solutions.A broken spring may be caused by overloading,rusting due to poor maintenance or the normal wear and tear. If the cause is overloading, the spring should be replaces by a stronger one that is capable of supporting the door weight effectively. It is also important to grease the torsion spring from time to time to prevent rusting. The more you use the garage door; the spring wears out and eventually breaks. To ensure safety always contact us to hook you up with trained and equipped technicians to replace your springs.